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Rathskeller room / Ground Floor:

The Rathskeller, or beer garden, is located on the ground floor, or basement.
Sadler, who once campaigned for governor, entertained top national politicians in the Rathskeller, which is enclosed by double thick concrete walls, and two hallway doors that kept staff and others out during important meetings.
The rathskeller is a masterpiece in the heart of the building with its concave, cathedral-like ceilings, heavy doors decorated with Tiffany amber mouth blown glass roundels. The roundels are art pieces that have been spun into a circular shape, often irregular. They are colorful exciting glass that added an interest to the stained glass creations and unusual compartment. The Rathskeller is arguably the most architecturally compelling room in the mansion.

The Rathskeller was restored with its one beer dispenser, small bar sink, and a private bathroom. In the future The Rathskeller will have a double entry access to the elevator once it is restored.The medieval look of the Rathskeller and its architecture still have more hidden mysteries and stories to uncover.
There is more items restored in the Rathskeller to its originality covered in the tour and audio.
If you want to dazzle your guests, plan an unforgettable event at the Rathskeller.

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