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Library Room / First Floor

Inside this vast Palladian villa (Thornwald Mansion) on the first floor, you will not miss the library. This is a large room with a fireplace was once filled with Lewis Sadler’s numerous first editions of English and American classics. In 1914, Sylvester Sadler succeeded his father as Judge of Common Pleas in and for the County of Cumberland. He was elected in 1920 to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “Keep Sylvester at home,” a rural committeeman supposedly told Republican Party chairman Lewis Sadler during this contest, “and we’ll get him elected.” Sadler’s election to the Supreme Court caused Dickinson Law School to confer upon him an honorary doctor of laws. The library was loaded with law books that he wrote. There was once a safe hidden behind bookshelves.

The library is fully restored to its original splendor with every attention to architectural detail and design.
Among the things that were restored in the library are the transoms, the windows that open and close with an old security mechanism that leave you wondering how they come up with such an idea back then.
The antique furniture brightens up the room and makes it very practical and relaxing with it restored fireplace

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