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The Empress Porch / First Floor :

This luxurious porch supports the leisurely living of an empress. This porch features a restored original fireplace, insulated glass windows and doors surrounded by decorative Tuscany clear crystal bevel inserts and transoms.
The original columns and wrought iron railings of the porch are restored to keep the integrity of the historic character of the building.

The porch is an addition to the library room and increased the square footage of the event rooms. It can be accessed by either the restored double French doors leading from the library or from the outside via an entry French door. It is furnished with upholstered seating, plush pillows and throws, indoor-outdoor rugs and antique tables, piano for music lovers, and a cast iron head lion fountain. The soothing flowing water sound helps to bring you and your environment to a peaceful, relaxing, serene place for body, mind and soul. Either during summer or winter, you will not miss out on the breathtaking view from the porch of the outside park and the surrounding area.

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