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Ballroom / Third Floor:

The Ballroom is the largest room inside the Thornwald mansion. The designated purpose of this room is for holding large formal parties. This Ballroom has a great hardwood floor with magnificent restored to its glory a chimney with an arched celling and 2 seats with a beautiful Victorian design. This ballroom has a high ceiling and an open large floor for dancing or having parties. With its magnificent skylights that invite natural lights during the day and during moony nights you can admire the stars. Also, columns were added on each side of door ways to make it the majestic room in the building.
The arched doorway is decorated with double stained glass with lights reflect like a prism.
The high ceiling allowed for big crystal chandeliers and on each side of the slopped wall is LED blue light wash wall.
A Large gilded mirror make the Ballroom vibrate with elegance.

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